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November 21, 2017



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Welcome to Flaming Cabbage Productions on the web.
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Here you’ll find all sorts of information about Flaming Cabbage Productions (FCP). Like services we offer, projects we’ve done and are getting ready to do, and any other pertinent information. Also check out the DAILY UPDATES below for news and recent announcements.

Flaming Cabbage Productions has a wide variety of services to help you. Please feel free to check out this site and contact us if you have any questions or comments. Go to the Contents area to the left to explore this site and find out more about FCP and what we do. Thanks!



1/7/2009 – DIE SOFT: RISE OF TEAM McCLEAN – Best of 2008 in Charlevoix Courier
Charlevoix stories which topped the news charts in ‘08

By Benjamin Gohs Courier Editor
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 11:25 AM EST

• Charlevoix: Little Hollywood?
Possibly the most anticipated sequel you’ve never heard of hit the big screen in Charlevoix during Venetian week this summer when two local comedy troupes joined forces to make “Die Soft 2: The Rise of Team McClean.”
This comedy/action movie a la “The Naked Gun” and “Police Academy” stars local actors and cameos by some familiar Charlevoix faces.
For more information on merchandise, including mugs and T-shirts, or to get a DVD copy of the movie, call 547-9097 or 675-3495.

5/17/2007 – Check out some new posts in the Rants and the FCPhorum!

10/26/2006 – Check out the RANTS page for a couple new posts.


9/25/2006 – I just love these long pauses in between the supposed “Daily Updates” posts! We have had a few advances with organizing the next film shoot. It’s been a slow summer for filming and FCP has been working on other film and video projects. We’ll let you all know when we get some news.

4/12/2006 – The Summer is fast approaching and we are getting ready to start production on our first KUNG FU NITE video. You’ll be able to see Steve as he walks you through making sushi at home. George tries sushi for the first time ever on tape. Wait and watch for his reaction. Will he like it? Or will he blow chunks? (Coming Soon to the Downloads Page!)

2/4/2006 – SUPER BOWL XL is tomorrow people! Check out the RANTS page for some info about what’s been happening recently.

12/9/2005 – Howdy people. Not much to report. During the holidays FCP takes time off to be with family and friends. But with SuperBowl XL fast approaching, George is said to be getting ready to film another Beer Wench short. Keep checking back for that. Also keep checkiong the RANTS page for updates and news.

11/24/2005 – Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!

11/21/2005 – Check out the NEW FCP Online Store! All proceeds go to the “Make a Better Movie” fund. It’s a great way for you to help FCP grow and get soem cool stuff too. (More items soon)

10/22/2005 – Check out the FCPhorum for an entry about a possible upcoming project. FREAKYLINKS!

10/14/2005 – In the spirit of trying to keep you all updated … here goes! Sorry we haven’t updated the site in a while. We’ve all been very busy with work and life. But I (George) keeps the RANTS up-to date as often as possible. So keep checking there. And for the love of all that is holy … please post in the FCPhorum! We wanna hear from you. Give us your input …. well all but that guy posting the porn crap!

6/2/2005 – Welll it’s June 2005! We are geared up and about ready to take on our next film, “Forgotten”. I’ll have a site up for it soon so you all can check it out. Check out the Phorum to get some information on it now. I will up date more frequently in there about what’s happening with it and other productions. We’re also having a cast ing call for Forgotten. If you are interested in being a cast or crew member for this film, please contact us by any of the means listed in the CONTACT US page. And please do it soon! We’re ready to cast this film now, and will be ready to start filming soon.

5/20/2005 – Welcome people! Thanks for visiting the site. We’re updating things again. If you’ve been visiting the site, then you’ve noticed that we update in spurts. Well here we are again to let you know what’s happening. Go to the Forum and post. We want to hear from you. Also check out the DOWNLOADS page. We’re getting stuff on the all the time. We also are releasing a limited supply of Reckoning and The Coin on DVD. Email or post on the forum to get details.

4/12/2005 – Check it out! Some more updates on the RANTS and the FORUM ! It’s been a while since I’ve updated in here, but I should be here a little more often now. Keep checking back! We have a lot planned and ready for this Spring and Summer of 2005!

2/20/2005 – Check out some updates on the RANTS Page!

1/9/2005 – More updates! Steve rocks! This site is looking great, and Steve has got skills, man.

1/1/2005 – Happy New Year everyone!

12/30/2004 – Made some more updates today. The banners at the top are newer and a couple of their sites have been updated. Added a banner for the Homemade Productions Tribute Site. And the Phorum has been updated as well. We’re gearing up for this next year. Filming and some other shoots are being planned for as early as January 2005.

12/17/2004 – We have some fresh news on the FCP Newsletter Online! CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

12/17/2004 – Happy Holiday’s people! Check out the donation page banner. Let all your friends know about it. We need you support for filming and equipment needs. Steve and I are also brainstorming the FCP Store online site. We will have films, videos, and merchandise there. We hope you all have a great holiday and be safe.

11/2/2004 – The Ice Tray Mystery is here! Check it out and check out the other videos on the DOWNLOADS page. Go vote! Also chek out the Phorum for some new posts. And post yourselves! Keep the site alive people!!

10.24.04 – UPDATES to the Downloads section. Check it out. New Trailers that George sent to me are added to the downloads page.

Valid HTML 4.01!10.03.04 – Wow, we finally got it done. The pages on the site, minus the Forum and Gallery and the subsites, all have valid html code. Any page that you find this logo on the bottom. The page has been validated by the w3 consortium for valid html code. This means we here at FCP-INC take care and pride to make sure that this site and the code used to display it are valid, to reach as many people as possible.

9/17/2004 – Well check us out people! Steve and I have done more on the site. We have 3 banners here on the Home Page linking to 3 film sites. Films we’ve produced. And there’ll be more to post soon. Remember to post in the phorum and let us know what you think. Later.

9/6/2004 – Hey! Check out the FCP DOWNLOADS page. Steve has made some cool changes to the site, and this is the newest. Steve rocks! (George came up with the idea though so give some credit to George)

8/25/2004 – We’re looking for input and suggestions. Join our modest little Phorum and give us your input. Check it out, and make your mark.

8/23/2004 – We are adding things left and right to this site now. I am trying to add new video every week now. I’m hoping to upgrade it a bit, if Steve has any ideas (???) Also, we’re getting close to completing post-production on “The Coin”. So far Paul has got it cut together great! And our next projects are just sitting, ready to film. Keep checking back!

7/2/2004 – We’re asking for prayers tonight, as a friend named Dan has been in a car accident yesterday. Sounds like he will recover, but please keep him in you thoughts. Thank you.

6/11/2004 – “The Coin” has been rescheduled to shoot on 6/19 and 6/20 in the morning and afternoon on both days. If your interested in helping out or want to know more about how you can support us in this current project, please email us at flamingcabbageproductions@hotmail.com !

5/31/2004 – I know what you’re saying….. “George, why the heck haven’t you updated this lately? It does say DAILY UPDATES! I just can’t live without your input on a daily basis!” Well, you maybe weren’t thinking that last part, but the question is valid. The summer has got all us FCP people busy at jobs, and with planning for the summer 2004 filming schedule. We are set to film The Coin in about a week. Then hopefully jumping right into the next project. I am in a band also, which takes up some time as well. But it’s awesome and fun. Keep checking back for many updates, which I will try very hard to keep you up on. (Assuming someone is actually reading this stuff 🙂

5/1/2004 – We’ve gotten a few things updated. You can check out somw new trailers and video HERE or by clicking on the downloads page. The “Reckoning” trailer is a little big, but cool. I am working on getting it into a smaller file size. You know, web friendly. But if you got the patience, check it out. Cool stuff there, and we’ll keep getting more in there as soon as we can. Mother’s Day is coming up soon … May 9th, 2004. Just a heads up, I know my wife won’t let me forget.

4/26/2004 – “Reckoning” is done! The site has been updated and all is good. Reckoning is only about 15 minutes long but it’s a good start. And it was a great learning tool. So check out the RECKONING site!

4/11/2004 – Happy Easter! 🙂

4/3/2004 – We are also getting the FCP ONLINE STORE ready. We’ll have FCP stuff to get and other related stuff … But mostly stuff! Keep checking back for that.

4/3/2004 – It’s about time I updated this this. We’re adding some pages and updating the site some today. Coming soon are the Online Gamers Page and the Donwloads Page where you’ll be able to download sound clips from our Audio Vault and get other stuff like video and wallpapers and such. Steve is keeping the site running great.


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