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October 20, 2017



More About Us

When we started FCP we never thought that it would get us this far. We started out filming some funny film shorts just for fun. And from there, FCP has taken on a life of its own. And now we are a small, but ever-expanding company with delusions of grandeur.Flaming Cabbage Productions is a place where even the smallest dream can become a reality. And we want to be there to help. So please feel free to check out the site and contact us.

A Bit of History:
How did FCP come to be?

Well, truly FCP did start until 1989 when two brothers and some of their friends got together to make a film out of bordom. But there is more behind the story.

George, President of Flaming Cabbage Productions, started filming at age 11, with a soundless 16mm film camera. That was before camcorders. But truly the start for FCP was years later when George and a friend visiting home from the service decided to borrow a camcorder and made a short montage of film shorts. Nothing to write home about, but it was the essence of what was to come.

In 1989, a group consisting of George, his brother, and a bunch of their friends, and in some cases other family members, combined and made the first film under the name Flaming Cabbage Productions. That name stuck, and has now become what we are today!

What started out as a stress relief, has now expanded into a local business that includes filming, web design, audio production and reinforcement, DJ Service, video production and taping service, multi media constructs, and more.

What’s Up:
What is FCP doing now?

Good Question. We are always brainstorming new ideas. We’ve completed 2 short films this year and are planning on our first full length feature sometime in 2006.

Keep checking the RANTS page and the FCPhorum for news and upates.


movie time

FCP started out as just two brothers, 3 of their friends, and an full sized VHS camcorder?

FCP Slogan:
“You dream it, we make it a reality.”