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October 20, 2017




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My name is George, and I represent a minority in Northern Michigan. I am a film maker and writer.

I have been involved with film making, music composition, writing and artistic expression in and around this area since 1980. I have been making films even before that, since I was a boy of 10 years. I write you this on behalf of myself and many others involved who need your assistance.

This area is not a place for one to thrive as a film maker. I, and others like myself, have been using our limited resources to keep on filming. But we lack one vital component to establish ourselves to making the quality of video/film needed to make it as a legitiment motion picture artist. We are in need of a proper camera. We have made due using our own consumer grade camcorders, but we have reached a point in which we need a better, more quality efficient camera.

We are all men and women with families and work hard jobs to support them. Our meager earnings prohibit us from purchasing the equipment we truly need to make an honest go at doing this at a quality that will put us in league with the “pros”. Over the years, we all have gathered together our individual resources to equip us to make videos and films. We have one major element missing to make competitive filming a reality … a Professional Video Camera.

What we are looking for, is a generous heart to look kindly on us and help us obtain a camera. We have researched and found that the best camera for us to achieve our goals is the Canon XL1s or the Canon XL2. Through my research, I’ve found them priced from $1,300 to over $5,000. Which is not within our means at all right now.

We want the chance to produce quality films and videos that will, with time, enable us to earn our chance to better ourselves and to show others that artistic expression is not a dying form in Northern Michigan.

We are looking for the donation of the camera itself, preferably. Money donations may be accepted for this purchase, upon approval by me. If you or someone you know may want to help us with this, please contact me by any of the means listed below.

Thank you for your attention. Please contact me if you have questions or contributions. We look forward to hearing from you!

George Scholey, President of FCP


Current Contributions:
Money – $15.00
In-Kind – $10.00