Flaming Cabbage Productions

October 20, 2017



Kung Fu Nite!


monkeyKung Fu Nitemonkey

Next schedule kung foo night is TBA, 6-10pm! Be there or be kung-fools.


It’s madness at its finest folks. Join us now every month for a kick butt, Kung Fu marathon!


The next event will be TBA. See the WHAT’S HAPPENING page for rules and details.

Yeeeaaaa! “Oof! I think I pulled a Spleen!”

Last weeks theme was Sushi. Always looking for more people to join in on the fun.
Come over an join in on the fun. Post to the forum titled Kung-fu and get the time and place.
As always you can email to get directions and time of the next event.
You don’t need to have invite to join either. Just show up. As allways there is no fee. Just bring your own drink.


Kung Fu Nite Schedule: At Kung Fu Nite Headquarters

TBA, Random Dates and Times

Let’s try it this weekend.
Time: Saturday (whenever you can get in) don’t forget the chips.
Where: Kung Fu headquarters.
Why: It is a moral imparative.