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12/6/2017 – FCP Website Update

We are giving long overdue updates to FCP’s official website.  More changes and updates are coming soon.  Keep checking back!

11/24/2005 – Thanksgiving and Sushi  (Story by Jorge)

First off … Happy Thanksgiving people!

Soon you all will get a taste for a new tradition. Steve, chief engineer for FCP, had a notion before the last Kung Fu Nite that he would serve homemade sushi for everyone. Not only that, but he would also record his sushi making for FCP President George to edit and post it on the site.

For those who know George, sushi was not his cup of tea. When he arrived at the KFN headquarters, Steve had already begun some recording. George watched and decided to give it a try. Needless to say George loved it. So much so that they had a second KFN that same month so George and his sons could partake in the homemade sushi experience once again.

Although George tried to get Steve to do the sushi one more time for a new Thanksgiving tradition, Steve had to decline … sighting previous holiday obligations. Regardless, we are told FCP will release the video sometime in the near future.

1/1/2005 – “The Coin” Getting Finishing Touches  (Story by George S.)

“The Coin” is the lastest project for Flaming Cabbage Productions, in association with PMK Multimedia and Two Loose Screws. It is now finished with post-production and will now move into the hands of Musical Veteran Jeremy Biggerstaff.

Jeremy has been enlisted to put music to “The Coin”. He is a locally based musician/guitarist, and has been a key instrumental part of such bands as Chop Shop, Moon Riders, Hot Water Bottle, Mural Project, and recently with Electric Abbey (aka – 2 Dollar Pistol). We can’t wait to see what he can do in the field of movie soundtrack editing and creation.

12/17/2004 – Help Support Our FCP Family  (Story by George S.)

FCP has been making movies, shorts and feature films for many years now …. Since 1988. But after much decision making, we have decided that it’s time to take it to the next level. And with that, we need to ask for all your help to get there.

We are looking for donations and contributions. On the DONATIONS page, FCP has written a letter to those who might be able to help with the specific need of a new, high grade video camera. But FCP is also looking for those who might want to help us in future projects. Money is nice, but we are also looking for like-minded people who’d like to get involved in filming and related projects.

So donation to FCP could include your help and involvement, money, equipment, or as simple as a letter of encouragement. For more information or to make a donation, get a hold of us by any of the means listed on the CONTACT US page.

12/16/2004 – FCP Involved in the Making of a TV Show?  (Story by Jorge)

The rumor mill is singing like a choir! And here’s the lastest scope.

FCP seems to be in the beginning stages of creating it’s own series. Like a TV show, this would most likely be a weekly event and would appear online, and may also appear on local public access TV.

FCP Prez George Scholey, has been seen in and out of online and one-on-one meetings with key FCP personnel and also members of PMK Multimedia. He would not comment on this series, but would not deny that they were working on a series idea. He simply stated, “Sorry I can’t confirm or deny that we’re doing a series right now. Now get out of my bathroom!”

We’re obviously very excited about this new developement, and will update you as this may or may not progress. Email us at flamingcabbageproductions@hotmail.com (Attention Jorge) if you have any additional information!

11/25/2003 – Fallen Comrade  (Courtesy of the Petoskey News Review)

Jordan G. Spencer, 31, of Charlevoix, died Saturday, Nov. 22, 2003, in Houghton County. Funeral will be held at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 26, at the Winchester Funeral Home in Charlevoix. The Rev. Michael Dennis will officiate and burial will be in Undine Cemetery in Hayes Township. Jordan was born Oct. 13, 1972, in Petoskey, the son of Gary G. and Carla J. (Riley) Spencer. He graduated from Charlevoix High School in 1991. He was a carpenter by trade, and he loved to hunt, fish and play golf. Jordan is survived by his parents, Gary and Carla Spencer; sister, Ember Witthoeft; niece, Jasmine Witthoeft; maternal grandmother, June Riley, all of Charlevoix. He is survived by his aunts and uncles, Lee (Margaret) Spencer of Belding, Ruth Ann (Bob) Chapman of San Antonio, Texas, and Charlevoix, Joan (Butch) Wagner of Charlevoix, and Gayle (Jerry) Andersen of East Jordan; and several cousins. Contributions made in Jordan’s memory may be made to the charity of choice. Friends may meet the family from 6-8 p.m. today, Tuesday, Nov. 25, at the Winchester Funeral Home in Charlevoix.

(Note From FCP) Jordan has been in quite a few FCP film shoots. He is best known for his Slash of Gun-N-Roses impersonation (Air guitar) on George TV. Jordan was a valued member of the FCP legacy and a friend to all. He will be sadly missed.

3/30/2003 – Bruce Campbell at NCMC  (story by George S.)

I recently had the privilege of attending, as an official member of FCP, a lecture at NCMC of Petoskey. There I heard a lecture given by Michigan native Bruce Campbell.

For those not aware who Bruce Campbell is, stop reading and leave my newsletter! And shame on you. He is a legend in the cult horror film industry. Not that it’s the best or only reason to know the man. Because Mr Campbell has many, many other accomplishments to his record. He and friends such as director Sam Raimi, made there humble beginnings right here in Michigan doing low budget filmmaking.

During the lecture, Mr. Campbell was able to talk about his book “If Chins Could Kill”, which reveals his life from pre-Bruce existence to present day. He also talked about his interests and opinions on the state of the entertainment industry as it exists today. His passion for film making and the TV industry made the him very easy on the ears, and captivating. “Not one dull moment. He was a real great Speaker.”

All in all the experience was most illuminating and fun. For more on this, please check for the next FCP Newsletter in you mail box. Or email to subscribe.

3/13/2003 – FCP Gets Ready For Filming

You heard us right! Flaming Cabbage Productions is gearing up for the Spring and Summer of 2003 for some serious filming.

We caught up with George, President of FCP, about some of the plans for this coming year of 2003. “Well, with the release of the FILM 3, we’re getting ready for some new projects. With the ‘Films’ we noticed a weird pattern. The first film took under one week to film. The second one took filming periodically over the course of a year. This last film consists of film clips from 1993 to 2001. Heck, the next film may have taken decades to film! That’s why we’re moving on to bigger and hopefully better things.”

George insists that they have a few scripts on the table and are in the process of nailing one to start shooting in the spring of 2003. We wait and will see.


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