Flaming Cabbage Productions

October 20, 2017




my space

www.myspace.com … A great place for Musicians and Film Makers and regular folk to hook up!

Northern Exposure

Photography – weddings, special occations, etc……

homemade productions

Homemade Productions Tribute site! Just like it sounds. This is a site maintained by FCP, to pay tribute to this ground breaking company.


The FCP Online E-Store! Get your FCP merchandise here. All profits go to the “Make a Better Movie” fund.



FL banner_1.gif

Freaky Links was a kick ass show and a great site. It’s no longer at www.freakylinks.com …. But fear not! Haxan is hosting the site as it stood just before it was taken from us from the internet. It’s not interactive is it was then, but it’s fun to revisit it. Click any of the banner above and take a look. (Thank you Haxan.com)

Theme World

Cool place for wallpapers, desktop themes, and such. Keep checking there for possible up coming FCP Themes!


Good and free 3D graphics program.


Great site for making cool looking text images. And it’s FREE!


A good place to get film making tips and resources.

Maximus Films

Maximus Films – Another independent film group.


Scape Films – Another Independant Filming Group.

Lead Rain Entertainment

Lead Rain Entertainment – Another Independant Filming Group.

Random Foo

Random Foo Pictures – Another Independant Filming Group.

Rice Miners

Rice Miners Entertanment – Another Independant Filming Group.

Ben's Movies

Ben’s Movies – Another Independant Filming Group.


PERIL! A great, long lived Northern Michigan band. Check out their site.

web book usa

Listing of local businesses. We’re listed in there! Check it out.

MI Filmmakers

Michigan Filmmakers Organization. A free community and resource for independent filmmakers in Michigan and the entire english speaking world.

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