Flaming Cabbage Productions

October 20, 2017



What’s Happening?

Weekly FCP Meeting
– ONLINE using MSN Messenger. Dates and times vary. Mostly weeknights after 5pm. Search for gjs777@hotmail.com or flamingcabbageproductions@hotmail.com on MSN Messenger.

Jam Night
Kung Fu Nite

– Held at Kung Fu Nite Headquarters. Kung Fu Nite is a time for friends to get together and watch the best and the worst that martial art movies have to offer. Sometimes movies may have more action than martial arts in it, but kicking in the fight scene is a must.

Kung Fu Nite Rules are as follows:
1. Must bring one item of martial arts reading material (ie – magazine)
2. Must bring 1 food or beverage item. (ie – chips, pop, pizza, etc…)
3. Play fighting is permitted, but must not look stupid.
4. Shirts must remain on at all times. Especially George!!!
5. You must have fun.
6. Members Only.
(Must be a member to participate. Email FCP for information on becoming a Kung Fu Nite Member. It costs nothing to join. Many will try, few will enter. If you can actually do the things they do in martial arts movies, you can’t join.)
7. Keep hands and feet inside until the ride comes to a complete stop. 

Cast and Crew Calls
– We work currently on a non-pay, volunteer basis only.

We are getting ready for the next feature for FCP. Email us if you’re interested. (See CONTACT page) 

1st Annual FCP Lip-synch Contest
– Date, Place and Time TBA. This event has been put on the back burner.