Welcome to the official site for the film titled "The Coin".  Keep checking back for updates.

This site contains information about our recent film called "The Coin".  We'll keep it updated as much as possible. 


For video clips and additional information about this and other films, visit www.fcp-inc.com(The trailers for "The Coin" are on the downloads page on the FCP site.  Plus there's a clip or two from the film.)

6/2/2005 - "THE COIN" Now Available on DVD and VHS!  See the Contact Us page to find out how you can get a copy of this short film.

6/2/2005 - More Updates: Images, Contact Info, General updates.

5/26/2005 - The Coin submitted to www.triggerstreet.com mixed reviews.

1/6/2005 - More Updates.: Images, contact information and Cast corrections.

1/1/2005 - Happy New Year!

12/22/2004 - Site Updated

12/20/2004 - Paul is finished with principle editing for "The Coin" . 

9/16/2004 - The background music for this site is performed and produced by local musical artist and super-genius Jeremy Biggerstaff.  He will be creating the music for "The Coin".