You dream it, we make it a reality.

About Us

DID YOU KNOW: FCP started out as just two brothers, 3 of their friends, and an full sized VHS camcorder?

FCP Slogan:
“You dream it, we make it a reality.”

When we started Flaming Cabbage Productions we never thought that it would get us this far. We started out filming some funny film shorts just for fun. And from there, FCP has taken on a life of its own.

A Bit of History:

How did FCP come to be?

Well, truly FCP did start until 1989 when two brothers and some of their friends got together to make a film out of bordom. But there is more behind the story.

George, President of Flaming Cabbage Productions, started filming at age 11, with a soundless 16mm film camera. That was before camcorders. But truly the start for FCP was years later when George and a friend visiting home from the service decided to borrow a camcorder and made a short montage of film shorts. Nothing to write home about, but it was the essence of what was to come.

In 1989, a group consisting of George, his brother, and a bunch of their friends, and in some cases other family members, combined and made the first film under the name Flaming Cabbage Productions. That name stuck, and has now become what we are today!

What started out as a stress relief, has now expanded into a local business that includes filming, web design, audio production and reinforcement, DJ Service, video production and taping service, multi media constructs, and more.
What’s Up:
What is FCP doing now?

Good Question. We are always brainstorming new ideas. We’ve completed 2 short films this year and are planning on our first full length feature sometime in 2006.

Keep checking the RANTS page and the FCPhorum for news and upates.

The FCP Timeline

  • Fall & Winter of 1981 – “East Jordan STAR WARS: EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Remake.” George (age 11) directed and produced, and his brother Robert (age 8.5) starred as Han Solo in this remake of this STAR WARS movie. It was made using a 16mm soundless camera, and was funded from Christmas donations. All shot on location on Peninsula Road in East Jordan, Michigan. Cast and Crew consisted of kids from around the area. There was much more of this film actually set up and shot but didn’t make the final print, because we ran out of film and didn’t know it.
  • Fall/Winter of 1986-87 – “First use of Video Camera” Steve and George attempted to make another High School art class project using the schools video camera. The project only receives a C grade, but the seed was planted in George for future video projects. No copies of this video are believed to exist.
  • Winter of 1988 – “S&S Productions.” Out of the realm of nonsense comes “S&S Productions”. Steve came back from Army Basic Training, and George came back from a hard day working the grill at McDonald’s. Together they mounted an attack against SANITY! Though this was pre-FCP, it was one of the steps that made what is now Flaming Cabbage Productions.
  • July 1989 – Robert, George, Mark, and Pat decide to rent a full sized VHS camcorder from Buday’s of Petoskey. This was the principle shooting for “The Film”.
  • Summer of 1990 – Release of the first film called “The Film”. A group of young, impulsive filmmakers come together with the novel idea of reeking chaos and destruction while devising a sinister plan on their way toward total world domination! …But decided to do this film instead. This film was the first full collaboration of Flaming Cabbage Productions. It took the course of 8 months to film. This film called “The Film”, was a series of film shorts and clips that were sparked ideas made on the go. Mark would say, “Hey, grab the camera and film me. Trust me!” And the rest is history.
  • Summer of 1991 – The now fully established Flaming Cabbage Productions gather their resources, rent some equipment, and start principle shooting for “The Film 2”.
  • Summer of 1992 – Release of the film “The Film 2: Another Excursion into Mindlessness”. A group of creative, innovative and energetic people got together to film things that no one would ever dare!!… Because there was nothing better to do. This film had lots of additions. It was longer with more clips. We had more cast and crewmembers, and actually started editing the films. We sequenced all the clips together and added music & sound effects. And also tried scripting a little. All in all, it shaped the future of the company. Now the rest is history.
  • Fall of 1992 – George purchases FCP’s first official equipment. Includes purchase of a HI 8mm camcorder, tripod, lighting equipment, and props & make-up effects.
  • Fall of 1993 (Exact dates unknown) – “The Dominic Famiano Tape” FCP produced this video for Dominic as an entry for a casting call, for MTV’s “The Real World: Seattle”.
  • December 1994 – “FCP: The Bloopers & Outtakes” is completed. Only two copies were ever made of this production, and only one is known to exist today. Includes clips from the film “The Film 2” & prior productions and any other random clips as well.
  • October 1995 – “Cops & Thugs” The Cops are looking for the Thugs, and the Thugs are hunting down the Cops. And a crooked Mayor is behind it all. But will there be a third party hunting down both the Cops & Thugs? So far we’ve only filmed part 1 of this mini trilogy. We figure it will be a 3 part series.
  • October 1996 – “Captain Lumpencrauch” The streets of Charlevoix are infested with thugs trying to be super-villians. These thugs and thieves, dressed in outrageous costumes, try and gain control of the city of Charlevoix. Only one man, with an even more outrageous costume, can stop these wrongdoers in their tracks. Some guys wanted to film something, and we brainstormed this in about 15 minutes. This was going to be an ongoing series of film shorts. But we lost two of the cast to college and other pursuits.
  • 1997 through 1998 – “Hot Water Bottle: The Band, The Legend” This was just an assortment of gigs and practices the band “Hot Water Bottle” did. Hot Water Bottle was a band that worked out of Charlevoix, Michigan. They only stayed together for a little over a year, but the band’s aftershock is still felt by ex-members and the fans. An ex-Hot-Water-Bottle band member said, “I still to this day, get stopped on the street and get identified as the ‘Bassist for that band’.”
  • Fall of 1998 – All shots for the “Film 3” are completed and editing begins. The consensus is that this will be the last in the series of the ‘Films’.
  • June 2001 – FCP’s President George begins to upgrade the company. This is accomplished with the buying of some new equipment; such as a Digital/Analog HI 8mm camcorder, some newer lighting equipment, and software for the future supercomputer being designed for video production.
  • July 2002 – “DJ: The Motion Picture” (In The Works) Rough draft of the script and the general storyline for “DJ” are completed. The final draft for this story and details for this movie are being finalized as we speak. It will be produced and directed by FCP, under the direction of George and Mark. It involves the day and night in the life of 4 radio DJ’s, and a mysterious Pizza Dude. It will follow a 24 hour period at a couple of different radio stations (AM, FM, and Online). Showing what happens to and with the DJ’s and Board Operators. (Special Appearance by “The Dude Man”.)
  • Summer of 2002 – Release of the film “The Film 3: You’ve Gotta Be Kidding”. It’s safe to say that it will offer all the same kicks that the first 2 Films had. But this film will have more structure and will highlight each clip.
  • October 2002 – Chief Engineer Steve and FCP President George create and set up and open the web site for FCP. The address is, and will be the official web site for Flaming Cabbage Productions. It will contain all the information about the company and links to related sites.
  • September 2002 – “Private Dicks 2” The storyline is complete, but the details are still being ironed out. The original story was written by Homemade Productions President Andy L., and made into a film by Homemade Productions in 1994. “PD2” was adapted and written by FCP President George. FCP plans to make the film.
  • July 2005 – FCP and PMK Multimedia complete and package their first two marketable films … “the Coin” and “Reckoning”. First films produced to go straight to DVD.
  • October 2005 – FCP looses one of its more valuable members, Paul Keehn. He served as technical advisor, camera man, actor, producer, director, and director of photography.
  • November 2005 – FCP updates its web site and opens its first online store …. selling t-shirts, hats, mugs and the like. FCP also starts scheduling for the 2006 filming calendar year.
  • December 2017 – The FCP Website gets a long overdue overhaul and update.