Welcome to the Homepage Productions Tribute Page

Welcome to the new and somewhat improved Homemade Productions Tribute Website!  Though Homemade Productions is no longer making films, we wanted to pay tribute to them for their 17 years of local filmmaking fun. 

This site is dedicated to the men and women of Homemade Productions, and to their many films.  For without their efforts in the field of local low-budget film making, this area would not have the growing film producing influence it has today.

Among a couple of others, HP is one of the first recognized independent film companies in the Charlevoix, Michigan area.  HP boasts a staggering 15 plus film productions to date; all done with volunteers and a minimal budget and all done before the advent of computer technology.

So check out this site that pays homage to the…

Giants of the Small Screen!
Captain's of Cinematic Chaos!
Purveyors of Photographic Propensity

(Well you get the idea.)

Productions, Inc.