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The Coin (2004)

The Coin follows the day in the life of a special coin. And brings new meaning to the phrase, “What comes around, goes around”.

The star of this film is a Coin that has been marked during it’s travels by a spot of white paint. It starts it’s day off sleeping peacefully in a coin tray. But as morning comes, a man wakes to greet the day and grabs the coin from it’s dish bed.

We then travel around with it as it makes the rounds that day. Watch to see what a typical day for a coin could be.

Music By: Jeremy Biggerstaff

Produced By: Paul Keehn “PMK Multimedia”, George Scholey “Flaming Cabbage Productions”

Written & Directed By: George Scholey

Original Story Concept By: Paul Keehn & David Skeel

Prop Master: George Scholey



Jill Lake

Ben Macks

Jenny Musscott

Keith Patrick

Mike Patrick

Dan Seiradski

George Scholey

Andrew S.

Chris S.