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Die Soft: The Rise of Team McClean (2008)

Don McClean was the greatest American hero of all time … that is until he teamed up with his son, Donnie jr. All seemed well as the father/son team defended justice and the innocent with distinction and valor. That was until that fate-filled day when, during a routine bust, Donnie jr. was killed in a shootout.

Where Don McClean is now, is anyone’s guess.

But now a new threat threatens us in a threatening manner. Is there anyone who can save us like McClean has done so many times before? Where is Don McClean now?

Genre: Comedy | Action

Director/Writer: Ben Macks

Story Development: Ben Macks, Keith Patrick, Boots Smith, George Scholey II

Editing/Post-Production: George Scholey

Release Date: July 27, 2008 (Charlevoix, MI – USA)


Ben Macks … Don McClean / Donnie McClean Jr.

Keith Patrick … Dirk Longbarrel

Matt “Boots” Smith … Ziegelstein VonShizchenhaus

Kevin Evans … The Chameleon

Brad Hall … Doctor Magnus Marrigold, Gadget Guru

Michael Patrick III … Fred (Doc’s Assistant)

Michael Patrick, Sr. … The Boss / Desmond Grappelli

George Scholey II … Gunter

Mark Haney … Marcus

Michael Patrick II … Dugan

Nathan Dean … Officer Bobby McCullough

Jim Shepard … Mayor

Nate Bartlett … Rude Guy

Dan Patrick … Governor

Jennifer Dean … Governor’s Wife

Secret Service Guy 1 … Ty Lieberman

Secret Service Guy 2 … Chris Meredith

Jerry Borths … Reverend

Lexey Macks … Paper Girl

Tracy LaCroix … Receptionist

Kaitlin Loviska … Little Girl

Andy Stewart … Sandwich Dude

Logan Clarke … Deli Boy

Ruby Smith … Random Civilian

Amanda Filkins … Sidewalk Passerby

Chester Yell … One-man Gang (Painbringer)

…And many, many more…