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Monsterhood (2009)

Tagline: “Everyone has welcomed new neighbors at least once in their lives. But what if your new neighbors were … (LIGHTNING CRASHES) Monsters!?”

Plot: The neighbors of a rural 1950’s neighborhood find their lives turned upside down as they find that a long since abandoned house on their street has been purchased by … MONSTERS! Determined to rid themselves of this horrific menace to their sleepy, repressed little neighborhood, the residents band together in fear to plot the eradication of this ‘monstrous’ problem. But are the new homeowners really as big of a threat as they have jumped to conclude? Or is there a bigger threat waiting for them all, just around the next corner?

Genre: Comedy | Sci-Fi | Action | Character Drama

Director/Writer: Ben Macks

Editing/Post-Production: George Scholey

Release Date: July 25 & 26, 2009 (Charlevoix, MI – USA)


Kevin Evans … Mummy

Keith Patrick … Frankie/ The Mad Scientist

Matt “Boots” Smith … Wolfie

Ben Macks … Drac

Scott Barta … Larry

Kaitlin Loviska … Zoe

Mike Patrick … Sheriff

John Heise … Deputy Daniels

Jim Sheppard … Henry

Laura Borths … Francine

Nate Bartlett … Buzz

Jessica Dominic … Beatrice

George Scholey … William

Mark Haney … Hotel Clerk

…and more…