You dream it, we make it a reality.

FCP Production History

Finished FCP Productions and Joint Productions

  • S&S Productions (1988, FCP) “Out of the realm of nonsense comes “S&S Productions”. He came back from Army, and he came back from a hard day working the grill at McDonald’s. Together they mounted an attack against SANITY!” Though this was pre-FCP, it was one of the steps that made what is now Flaming Cabbage Productions.
  • The Film (1990) “A group of young, impulsive film makers come together with the novel idea of reeking chaos and destruction while devising a sinister plan on their way toward total world domination! …But decided to do this film instead.” This film was the first full collaboration of Flaming Cabbage Productions. It took the course of 8 months to film. This film called “The Film”, was a series of film shorts and clips that were sparked ideas made on the go. Mark would say, “Hey, grab the camera and film me. Trust me!!!” And the rest is history.
  • The Film 2 (1992) “A group of creative, innovative and energetic people got together to film things that no one would ever dare!!……… Because there was nothing better to do.” This film had lots of additions. It was longer with more clips, we had more cast and crew members, and actually started editing the films. We sequenced all the clips together and added music & sound effects. And also tried scripting a little. All in all, it was the starting block for FCP. It shaped the future of the company. Now the rest is history.*
  • The Film 3 (2003) Offers all the same kicks that the first 2 Films had. But this film will have more structure and will highlight each clip. Contains unused clips from the first two films and never before seen clips.
  • Captain Lumpencrauch (1996) “The streets of Charlevoix are infested with thugs trying to be supervillians. These thugs and thieves, dressed in outrageous costumes, try and gain control of the city of Charlevoix. Only one man, with an even more outrageous costume, can stop these wrong-do’ers in there tracks.” Some guys wanted to film something, and we brian-stormed this in about 15 minutes. This was going to be an ongoing series of film shorts. But we lost two of the cast to college and other persuits.
  • Cops & Thugs (1995) “The Cops are looking for the Thugs, and the Thugs are hunting down the Cops. And a crooked Mayor is behind it all. But will there be a third party hunting down both the Cops & Thugs?” So far we’ve only filmed part 1 of this mini trilogy. We figure it will be a 3 part series.
  • Hot Water Bottle: The Band, The Story (1998) This was just an assortment of gigs and practices the band “Hot Water Bottle” did. Hot Water Bottle was a band that worked out of Charlevoix, Michigan. They only stayed together for a little over a year, but the bands aftershock is still felt by ex-members and the fans. An ex-Hot-Water-Bottle band member said, “I still to this day, get stopped on the street and get identified as the ‘Bassist for that band’.”
  • Reckoning (2004) “Joel wakes up to find that the world as it was before his nap, has chaged for the worst.”
  • The Coin (2004) Follow the day in the life of a special coin.
  • Die Soft: The Rise of Team McClean (2008) “Don McClean was the greatest American hero of all time … that is until he teamed up with his son, Donnie jr. All seemed well as the father/son team defended justice and the innocent with distinction and valor. That was until that fate-filled day when, during a routine bust, Donnie jr. was killed in a shootout. Where Don McClean is now, is anyone’s guess. But now a new threat threatens us in a threatening manner. Is there anyone who can save us like McClean has done so many times before? Where is Don McClean now?”  Release Date: July 27, 2008 (Charlevoix, MI – USA)
  • Monsterhood (2009) “The neighbors of a rural 1950’s neighborhood find their lives turned upside down as they find that a long since abandoned house on their street has been purchased by … MONSTERS! Determined to rid themselves of this horrific menace to their sleepy, repressed little neighborhood, the residents band together in fear to plot the eradication of this ‘monstrous’ problem. But are the new homeowners really as big of a threat as they have jumped to conclude? Or is there a bigger threat waiting for them all, just around the next corner?”  Release Date: July 25 & 26, 2009 (Charlevoix, MI – USA)

Potential Projects

  • Quantum movie Leap (Pending Series) “Friends get transported into the TV universe and fight to get back to reality.”
  • FORGOTTEN (Pending) – “A man with no past, finds a present with no other people, and a future of Fear!”
  • The Trouble With Travelling in Time (Pending) – “A man travels back in time to warn himself … but gets more than he bargined for!”
  • The Amatuers (Pending) – “Two kids plan to hold up a convenience store … but get more than they barganed for.”
  • DJ: The Motion Picture (Pending) The day and night in the life of a radio DJ. It will follow a 24 hour period at a couple of different radio stations (AM, FM, and Online). Showing what happens to and with the DJ’s and Board Operators. (This script has been put on the backburner again. No word as to when it may be worked on again.)